Traumatic Brain Injuries Often Lead to Legal Woes

00320As awareness of the dangers of traumatic brain injuries continues to rise, the ability for TBI victims to pursue legal avenues against the person or institution who caused the TBI is also gaining momentum. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when a person sustains a violent Florida workers comp head injury that causes the brain to become injured. TBIs can occur in minor forms, which require rest and extra care to ensure recovery, and major forms, which often require hospitalization and extensive rehabilitation to overcome injuries.

Athletes are more prone to Michigan no fault brain injuries (TBIs) than other demographic because they are most frequently involved in physical activity that has the potential to slide out of hand. Recreational leagues and professional teams alike are now refining their protocols for handling potential TBIs, but many players have been injured and not received the proper treatment.

A former wrestler at Old Dominion University named Jordan Marshall is just one example of a student athlete who suffered a TBI but did not receive proper care. Marshall is now suing his old wrestling coaches and the university for $4 million dollars. According to Marshall, he suffered a concussion and even lost consciousness back in May 2014, but his coaches encouraged him to keep wrestling despite his symptoms. Marshall also alleges in his lawsuit that his coaches did not encourage him to seek medical care, and they even asked him not to tell anyone of his injuries. This went on until Marshall went into convulsions at practice in the summer and was finally sent into the hospital.

The outcome of the lawsuit is yet to be known, but Old Dominion University has released its updated TBI protocol in a clear effort to avoid future lawsuits. It can be assumed that coaches will be held to much higher standards now that Marshall has brought to attention the potential dangers of ignoring TBI symptoms.

The Beauty of Lash and Brow Tinting

Makeup artists are always in high demand for events like proms, weddings, and galas, where women want to look their best and entrust their appearances to the professionals. Services like Clearwater lash and brow tinting now offer those same professional results every single day when you roll out of bed. Both services will enhance your appearance by emphasizing your best assets and helping your features look more dramatic.

Look and Feel Stunning

Brow TintingTinting is the process of carefully adding color to your lashes and brows to either support the existing color or change the color to something more desirable. This definition is possible with makeup, but only lasts the day; tinting, on the other hand, lasts the life of the hair that is tinted, which is usually about one month.

Lash tinting is most popular in brown, black, and the intense blue-black that so many women love. You can tint your lashes and look like you are wearing mascara 24/7. Whether you’re going for a run, diving in the pool, or sweating it out in CrossFit, you’ll still look flawless and beautiful!

Similarly, brow tinting helps to define light eyes and create a more cohesive appearance by drawing everything together. Most women darken their brows during tinting to define their arches and create a stronger look, but any color is fair game! Dark brown is a fan favorite that adds a rich color boost without looking artificial.  

Enhance Your Entire Appearance

The tinting process is simple enough that there’s no reason to say no! With just one appointment at your local clearwater cosmetic spa you can transform your appearance. If your brows are naturally fine or just accidentally over-plucked, you can use tinting to create a more desirable brow volume and support your existing color.

Tinted lashes give you mascara beauty every minute of the day. With some added eyeliner and eye shadow, you’ll have the attention of everybody in the room. You can even blend the eyelash tinting process with a lash perm to create beautiful shape as well as color

Overall, brow and lash tinting are two treatments that work to emphasize your already beautiful appearance and minimize your reliance upon makeup. You’ll feel picture-ready all day.

Defining Orthopedic Treatments

Orthopedic surgery is the treatment of diseases and injuries associated to the musculoskeletal system i.e. disorders of bones, ligaments, muscles, joints, tendons, nerves and skin. A person trained and educated in the diagnosis of musculoskeletal diseases is called an Orthopedic/Orthopaedic surgeon. Dr. Bennett in Florida is an orthopedic surgeon in Lakewood Ranch as an example.

The conditions associated to musculoskeletal system disorders include; bone tumors, arthritis, cerebral palsy, sprains, club foot, knock knees, bunions, bow legs, hammertoes, fractures, dislocations, strains, muscle/ ligament/ osteoporosistendon damage and spine disorders.

Medical, physical and rehabilitative as well as surgery approaches might be used in dealing with these disorders.

People of all ages can be treated including:

– Children or newborns with deformities e.g. unstable hip due to the hip joint not formed normally (congenital hip dislocation), -abnormal twisting of spine (scoliosis)

– Bone cutting (osteotomy) for young people or arthroscopic surgery.

– Older people who might need joint replacing due to irreversible degenerative joint problems

Diagnosis might involve:

– Based on the history and results of physical examination,

– Laboratory tests like blood tests,

– Imaging tests such as X-rays for detecting abnormalities in bone. This can aid diagnose fractures, tumors, injuries, infections and infections. Also to evaluate bone density and monitor response to treatment.

– Computer Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging for determining exact locations of damages and also detect fractures not visible on x-rays e.g. hips and pelvis structures. MRI is used for imaging muscles, ligaments and tendons.

– Ultrasonography to identify inflammation around joints and tears or inflammation of tendons

– Bone scanning for structures not clearly revealed by other tests.

– Joint Aspiration for most direct of infection or crystal-related arthritis detection

– Arthroscopy to project images onto a video monitor and with minimized risk of joint infections.

Treatments include:

– Physical and occupational therapy

– Anti-inflammatory drug injections

– Pain medications

– Therapeutic massage

– Osteopathic manipulation.

Most orthopaedic consultants have a specialist interest like a particular orthopaedic condition, a specific body area or a field such as sport surgery. For more information visit

Cataract Surgery- The Ultimate Solution to Cloudy Vision

Recent statistics reveal cataracts as the major contributing factor of blindness in adults, particularly those over 45 years. It’s an eye infection which causes a decrease in vision. Normally, a person’s natural lens of the eye will get cloudy over time. To date, Tampa cataract surgery still remains as the safest, less invasive form of surgery performed to correct the condition.

How cataract surgery is performed

The prime aim of performing the surgery is to make a person’s vision clear. Although it can be carried out in plenty of ways, still, all procedures work around the same areas of the eye. One common procedure is phacoemulsification, which takes an estimated 15-30 minutes.

During the procedure, the doctor will make a minor incision into the affected eye. With the help of a microscope, he/she will break the natural lens using ultrasound waves. After inserting a small probe, which picks up the tiny pieces of the cataract, he/she will remove the cataract and thereafter, insert the plastic lens.

What to expect after cataract surgery

Soon as the surgery is complete, patients are likely to experience itching and a bit of mild discomfort, which may last a few days after the surgery. Aside from that, the vision will also be blurry as the eye continues to heal and adjust to the new lens. This will last for a few days as well. During the post-surgery process, the patient will also have to wear an eye shield. This will assist to protect the eye. Other medications will also be recommended to assist with inflammation and getting rid of post-infection procedures. After you get surgery it is recommended to see your local tampa ophthalmologist. 

Cataract surgery has stood out as a simple yet successful way one can restore their vision. So if you think you need the surgery to boost your vision, then don’t hesitate to contact an eye specialist today in order to get your cataract evaluation.

What Is Juvederm And How Does It Work?

You may have heard the name “Juvederm” some time recently. This prominent hostile to maturing is an Inject-capable item intended to fill the spaces left by moderate to serious facial wrinkles and overlap. Hyaluronic corrosive is a characteristic sugar complex that enhances skin versatility, a few ladies champion juvederm capacity to abandon you looking more youthful with supple, smooth and normally imperishable skin.

What is it?

This infusion is intended to supplement the body’s normal hyaluronic corrosive, which drains after some time and with age. There are various distinctive sorts of juvederm items accessible today, with every kind of item planned to treat fluctuating levels of facial creases and wrinkles. It particularly addresses the wrinkles between the cheek and nose, the lines that shape between the nose and the external corners of the mouth. It can likewise be utilized as a filler and lip reshaping the cheek’s shapes. You’ll also hear comparisons of Juvederm to popular Botox in Tampa clinics that offer the dermal filler.

How can it work?

Juvederm meets expectations by lifting and adding volume to the wrinkles and overlays. This is done when the gel is infused into the dermis medium/somewhere down in your face, which contains connective tissue, sweat organs, nerve endings, oil, and veins.

Impacts keep going for 6 to 9 months, after which the compound is normally retained into the body. On account of the gel, it can look more common than different injectables like Botox and Restylane. In addition, the impacts normally last more than other against maturing medicines, and you can amplify the life of your treatment with a significantly more infusion took after a couple of weeks after your first treatment.

Since Tampa Juvederm treatments are a characteristic compound, it should be more secure and more powerful than infusing chemicals into the face as medicines, for example, Botox. Be that as it may, symptoms of this treatment mirror those of other injectable items, which may incorporate redness, delicacy or agony at the infusion site. These impacts normally vanish all alone inside of three days, while things like the immovability, swelling, knocks and wounds more often than not vanish following seven days.

You must guarantee that you work with a qualified and experienced medicinal expert when you experience Juvederm managed. As an inejctable, the danger of gel movement to different parts of the face may happen if infused inaccurately or in wrong areas on the face. Dodge things like “infusion gatherings” or medicines offered in salons, just take them from a dependable expert, similar to specialists or restorative spa. Converse with a specialist to believe your neighborhood spa Phoenix Medical today to see what your alternatives are regarding the matter of Scottsdale Juvederm!

Things You Must Know About Keeping Your Skin Healthy

The human skin has many functions with the main one being protection of the internal organs from the external environment. Besides, it regulates the body temperature as well as eliminating toxins.

For these reasons a skin care regimen is very important:

The first step to taking care of the skin is preventing damage. Things like sun’s rays, pollutants and aging degrade the condition of the skin and can lead to wrinkles, age spots, premature aging, and cancer. Use a natural sunscreen, or a moisturizer that contain sunscreen to ensure the skin is not exposed to the sun’s rays.

Proper exercise, enough rest and good nutrition lay the foundation for a beautiful, healthy skin. A good diet ensures the skin receives all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs to maintain and repair cells. Therefore, to keep the skin healthy , eat a healthy diet complete with fruits and leafy vegetables that are high in fiber, water and antioxidants.

Besides eating properly, avoid excess alcohol and all tobacco products.

Drinking a lot of water is also a good way of keeping the skin healthy. Water helps to hydrate the skin and move waste products and nutrients through the system.

Following a skin care routine is important in protecting the skin. The first routine is cleansing. The skin should be washed thoroughly on a daily basis to remove the accumulating dirt. The second routine is moisturizing. This keeps the skin hydrated and healthy. Toning is another important regimen. Toners are composed of mostly water and a little alcohol. They tighten the skin and help prepare it to receive the moisturizer.

Taking care of the skin doesn’t have to be complex, expensive or time consuming. These simple tips will go a long way towards helping keep the skin looking its best. However, it’s recommended that people with more severe skin conditions visit a dermatologist for professional advice.

Natural Ways to Take Care of Your Skin

The skin is one the most amazing parts of our bodies. Did you know there are approximately 300 sweat glands and about 19 million cells per sq inch on the average person’s skin? There are more facts about the skin and the important role it plays in our overall health. Maintaining a healthy skin is vital and it requires proper skin care. The best way to go about it is starting with a skin test to determine your skin type (sensitive, oily, sun-damaged, dry or normal). This helps will you take better care for your skin.

Basic skin hygiene does not require expensive products. You simply need to ensure that your skin is clean and well cleansed on a daily basis. Using mild soaps and warm water is recommended for the cleaning part. However, cleansing can be done using different products available in the market today. It is to note that natural cleansers work better and they do your skin more good. Using avocado, honey, raw milk (the best) or a combination of a few other natural skin cleansers, moisturizers and toners can leave your skin looking more vibrant and youthful.

Homemade Skin Cleansing Recipes

Papaya & Aloe: Mixing these two works in two ways. As the Aloe gently does skin cleansing, the papaya moisturizes as well adds on the cleansing effect on your skin. You can add lemon and honey to enhance your results. This is one of the best home skin care recipes because your skin doesn’t need you to use any products after this treatment.

Turmeric & Gram Flour: This cleanser is more ideal for oily skin because gram flour draws the excess oil as the turmeric makes your skin fairer. Mixing these two requires you to use a binder such as yogurt that also works as a moisturizer.

Tip: Make sure to rinse your skin properly with cold water.

Juvederm and How It Works

juvedermJuvederm Injection written by: DemetD Dermal filler treatments appear as an efficient solution regarding facial aesthetics. As the skin gets older due to aging, the youthful appearance slowly disappears as well. Through a series of facial filler treatments, it is actually possible to regain the youthful look and improve the overall texture of the skin while correcting wrinkles and folds.

On that note, Juvederm has been featured as the most advanced hyaluronic acid dermal filler out there on the market. Providing a series of different formulations, it is available as a natural and safe method. The use of hyaluronic acid in the product is highly significant considering the role of this acid naturally found in the body.

During youth, the skin is moisturized continuously from the inside with the help of hyaluronic acid which is a natural sugar. As the hyaluronic acid in the body absorbs moisture and keeps skin moist, the youthful appearance is preserved. Through aging, the skin experiences a significant loss of hyaluronic acid followed by dryness and loss of volume. Hence, wrinkles and folds begin to emerge.

Juvederm filling series consisting of hyaluronic acid provide special solutions to the origin of the problem. The filler is injected under the skin by a physician, using an extremely thin needle. This lightweight gel fills in lines and wrinkles, adding volume to the face. As the hyaluronic acid found in the gel holds the moisture, the treatment provides a youthful look.

Depending on the choice of formulation and treatment, the results may last for up to 18 months. As the treatment also includes lidocaine, an anesthetic formulation found in the gel, the facial operation is done much more comfortably without causing any pain to the patient.

As a highly safe and painless method, dermal filling occurs to be a considerable alternative in comparison with risky operations. Saving the patient from pain and healing time, the treatment provides efficient results immediately.

Botox: The Best Cure For Muscular Conditions

botox muslceQuite a number of people keep on wondering what botox is and how it works. This is simply a drug that is made from a chemical known as neurotoxin, which is always produced by botulinum toxin – a bacterium clostridium botulinum. This drug is medically used for the treatment of some muscular conditions. In addition to this, the botox is equally used as a cosmetic for removing wrinkles as it paralyzes the muscles temporarily. Also, important to note is the fact that this kindof drug is commercially known by many names such as:

� Vistabel

� Disport

� Bocouture

� Xeomin

� Myobloc

Facts about the drug

i. This drug is the most prevalent cosmetic surgery cure with numerous clients.

ii. It is a neurotoxin resulting from an organism called clostridium botulinum. it is non-toxic and is naturally available in the environment.

iii. Through the paralysis of the underlying muscles, the drug can be used for reducing fine lines as well as wrinkles.

iv. The drug is essential for the treatment of excessive sweating, muscular disorders, migraines, bowel and bladder disorders.

v. Can claim lots of lives if misused.

How the drug works

This is one of the substances that are known to be very poisonous. For instance, just a gram can claim as many as a million lives. In high concentration, this drug may result into botulism – a very severe illness that could be life – threatening. Also, should botulism be left unattended to medically, one is bound to suffer from respiratory failure and also death.

Ultimately, it is also important to highlight the fact that the drug substance is injected in the body so as to cure any muscular condition besides removing winkles just as had already been mentioned in this script. Nonetheless, cell population and vegetative cells can increase to the extent of producing botulinum toxin by the bacteria.